Tracey T. - "clarity, direction, empowerment..."

Clarity, direction, empowerment, goals. Those are the most important assets I walked away from the Vision Program with. What I learned from Kandee G has helped me to not only build a better business, but more importantly, be a better person.

CC Coach Client - "our edge over the competition..."

t is invaluable to me to have Kandee G as my CEO concierge coach as it gets me centered; it centers me back to what is important. It reminds me of our vision and right values that can be lost so easily with distractions and day to day decision making. It is so important to have that one place where I can go to help to shift the chatter in my head. It has been vital to me to have Kandee G as my CC Coach in these economic times because there is always a solution, but you can't always see it. To have someone there to help me stay clearly focused in the right direction has been not only our edge over the competition; but the key to our continued growth.

Tara A. - "motivated me to a higher level..."

The vision program has motivated me to a higher level in believing in myself, through the power of my thoughts and focus. I can fully transform my life in becoming successful and live the vision that I have always created!

Ricky & Liz J. - "best Coach, Trainer, Motivator..in the world..."

To the best Coach, Trainer, Motivator and friend in the world. Thanks for all you've done.

Genia S. - "thank you for awakening my soul..."

Thank you for awakening my soul to what is!

Vision Program Graduate - "proof that you can live your dreams..."

Kandee G is living proof that you can live your dreams. I have had the honor of watching her bring her deepest desires to fruition through her devotion to her spirituality and her absolute belief in the power of the self and the Universe. She is truly living her passion and her greatest joy is in helping others do the same.

Vision Program Graduate - "amazing approach to changing our lives..."

Kandee G's Vision Program is an amazing approach to changing our lives. I have read many self-help books and have listened to tapes by other self-helps who have provided nuggets of insight to me. Kandee G's program, however, provides the missing element - the action step! While the others simply tell me what to think, Kandee G showed me how to change the way I think. Her hands-on approach is the guide we all need to focus on change and realize our fullest potential. I highly recommend her seminars, her book and her life-coaching programs as tools to live by.

Joanne H. - "this process has been belief shattering..."

First, Thank You! Thank You! This process has been belief shattering and was delivered with sincerity that kept me on the edge of my chair. I do believe I will achieve!

Devoted Student - "the vision training has touched my heart..."

This program made me look at my life differently in terms of ways of looking at things and coming to reality with myself The vision training has try touched my heart and there is no doubt that I will pass it on and use it in my everyday personal and work environments. It makes you realize how powerful the mind is if you just take the time to understand it. Thank You, Kandee.

Carita M. - "changed the direction of my life forever..."

Your program has changed the direction of my life forever. The knowledge you imparted is priceless and will always be a part of my daily walk. My reclamation tape is in my car and I listen to it daily. I feel closer to realizing my dreams than I ever have before. Kandee G, you are truly an Angel sent from on high to bless those who come in contact with you. I felt a genuine spirit and you have the ability to warm hearts and make us take a deep look within ourselves to find our awesome life.

Pamela G. - "everything it claims to be, plus so much more..."

What can I say? Kandee G's Vision Program is everything it claims to be, plus so much more! when I first met Kandee G, I was floundering in a career I wasn't enjoying, or interested in. I wanted to pursue a career as a fitness trainer & motivator, but didn't know where to begin. I kept talking myself out of it because of doubt and fear. Now, within a few short months, I've taken he ACTION steps needed and have my fitness training business up and running. the fact that my clients are referring their friends and family to me is all the validation I need to know that I'm doing not only the work I love, but also the work I'm meant to do! Kandee G's Vision Program show you how to "re-claim" the part of your life that is the key to your happiness. When you do what you love to do... what you're meant to do, the doors just swing open and all the necessary people and situations seem to just suddenly appear! Thank you, thank you Kandee G for your Vision Program. I'm so blessed to have found you!

Anais N. A. - "start of a new way of thinking and living..."

The start of a new way of thinking, living and new ways to accomplish my goals.

Raquel S. - "it opens doors..."

It opens doors that because of people or circumstances I have closed. Reminds me of the Greatness each of us has the ability to achieve.

Odwin S. - "opened my eyes to all the possibilities..."

This program opened my eyes to all the possibilities that is out there for me.

Carolanne S. - "tools to unlock my potential..."

Empowerment- The tools to unlock my potential

Julio B. - "you will overcome every challenge..."

The vision program has proven to me that if you are focus and have determination you will overcome every challenge in your life.

Hope A. - "embraces all the possibilities..."

The vision program has encouraged me to embrace all of the open possibilities that life has to offer and helped me incorporate the experiences into my daily life both personal and professionally.

Arlene R. - "how to take my fears and turn them into powerful tools..."

I came into this program not knowing what to expect. You not only taught me how to use positive thoughts' to make the most of our workplace but you showed me how to take my fears, weaknesses, and insecurities and turn them into a powerful tool to improve my personal life.

Rosa F. - "a great experience..."

This program has been a journey into my past, my present and my future. A great experience which I believe will make a positive mark in both my personal and professional life. Thank you.

Alfonzo I. - "an encouraging and motivational tool..."

An encouraging and motivational tool for everyday life.

David C. M. - "can grow into something great..."

The knowledge of knowing the seeds that I plant, and with positive nurturing, can grow into something great. As well as to know the LORD is not left out in anything we do. GOD is first... be GRATEFUL...

Maria C. - "absolutely life-changing..."

Kandee G's Vision Program is absolutely LIFE-CHANGING! I have read many books and have attended countless motivational speakers with programs to "Change Your Life" and none have had the cumulative effect that the Vision program has been able to do in just two days. I am a Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Independent Associate and I am a network marketer. In just a few days of applying the Vision Program to my life, I have attracted 5 membership sales out of nowhere and I have attracted top business partners into my business. In my personal life, I'm watching my weight drop without a real effort, I'm more focused and productive, and I am the happiest I've been in years. I am literally watching my life change daily and I'm finally able to make the changes I have intended to do for a long time. This program simplifies all of the incredible knowledge that would take years to acquire and it allows you to create a very simple tool to actually turn your dreams into reality. I feel like she lifted the ceiling on my dreams and allowed me to dream bigger, visualize attaining my highest aspirations, and proving to me that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! I am so grateful to have been able to experience this program. Kandee G is definitely a messenger of God. Anyone who's really ready to change their lives needs to experience the Vision Program. My life only increases as each day passes.

Jessica G. - "ever since completing the Vision Program my business has more than doubled..."

(This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the impact her program has had on my life.) I moved down here to South Florida 15 years ago in a last ditch effort to save my life. For the previous 33 years of my life, I had lived a life of abuse, addiction and victimization. That is just my so what. My real what began when I started looking for a better way to live inside of myself. You see, It didn't matter how much success I managed to achieve on the outside, I knew the inside was still broken. I knew because every time I came close to having everything I ever wanted, I would find some way of sabotaging it all. Whether it was in work or relationships, I always found a way of letting it all slip through my fingers. I realized the problem and the solution was inside of me. For the past fifteen years I have tried, intermittently, to find these answers and truly transform my life into what I know it could and should be. I have searched for my Personal Power and tried to Get The Edge with Tony Robbins, studied The Science to Success with James Arthur Ray, and gotten ?fired up' with John DiLemme, All this in between hearing countless hours of The Secret, Jerry and Esther Hicks' teachings of Abraham along with any other really "good" stuff I could get my hands on. So many teachers showed up with so many different ways of trying to show me how to design the life of my dreams but nothing ever stuck. It always seemed like there was something that either wasn't being shared or I just didn't get or worse yet, I hadn't made a large enough investment to make it all come together. I achieved a limited amount of success that I could not and did not know how to duplicate. UNTIL?God so Blessed me with introducing me to Kandee G and her Vision Program. There is a saying that I always heard in the metaphysical world that says when the student is ready the teachers will appear. Kandee G has been that teacher for me. I guess the easiest way to translate why this is so for me is that she is not only real but believable. I can see how she got here from there because she has shown me how to do it. From the very first day of her Vision Program she opened up her heart and her Kandee store, shared all her knowledge and wisdom and walked us towards dreams we had never even dared to dream before. She helped me find, define and own MY VISION This is not just what I want to have and do in my life but who I want to be. I realized that I am more incredible than I had ever imagined and that I had a tremendous gift to offer the world, as we do all. I was so busy living the life that I didn't realize that I had the power to design it first. I have accomplished more in this past month since graduating from the Vision Program than I have in years past combined. Imagine that! Ever since completing the vision program my business has more than doubled if not tripled. I wake up everyday with a song of gratitude in my heart, with an air of confidence in my stride and with a sense of KNOWING that not only is everything going to be alright, but that it is going to be exactly what I want it to be because all the abundance in the universe is already mine.

Dave B. - "in my decades as a business owner, I have never experienced anything so powerful..."

As a business owner of almost 40 years, I have seen it all. There are some serious complications to real, steady growth. One of those is keeping a handle on the culture. It is easy to create a silo-mentality, especially with very talented leaders in key positions. With talented people in key spots often times they have their own ideas of moving ahead which can create a separation of departments, a lack of communication and a lack of camaraderie which can create a general sense of negativity. For a long time, I searched for answers to the culture issue. I hired top consultants, the biggest names in the speaking-training industry. I spent a lot of time, effort, energy and money. It was not until I found Kandee G's Vision Program that I found real solutions. I will be honest..it has changed the company-from the inside out. Redefining and rewriting the culture has been one piece. However, in addition, my people know how important they are, what our definable vision is and how they can participate in having that vision come to life. They know their part. They have hope for a bright enduring future and I have a level of commitment and buy-in like never before. It as been a real commitment on the part of the company; starting from the top and training everyone throughout the organization. In my 4 decades as a business owner, I have never experienced anything so powerful!

Carlos S. - "convinced that these tools work..."

This program has been a most enjoyable and useful experience. I am convinced that these tools work, and it was great fun to learn with Kandee G and her team. What a ride! Thanks! The program allows me to have a positive attitude about life and think in a different way. A new vision of life.

C.M. - "changed the direction of my life forever..."

Your program has changed the direction of my life forever. The knowledge you imparted is priceless and will always be a part of my daily walk?I feel closer to my dreams than I ever have before. Kandee G you are truly an angel sent from on high to bless those who come in contact with you. I felt genuine spirit and you have the ability to warm hearts and make us take deep look within ourselves to find our awesome life.

Victor P. - "new outlook on life..."

I know you probably get thousands of emails a day, but I wanted to once again personally thank you for your hard work and dedication in leading us on the right track. I have been practicing what I learned in your seminars, and it has truly made a difference. The meditation alone has given me a new outlook on life and has brought an inner peace that I?ve never experienced before.